Monday, April 24, 2017

Arts and Sciences

It’s that time of year again…we still have a little April left and when it's April at Stonehedge, we go into full poetry mode.  All of our K-3 classes have been sharing all kinds of great poems (the older kids are doing research and study guides, but we’re still talking poetry) and we’re all gearing up for our school wide celebration. 
Thursday, April 27th is National Poem in Your Pocket Day. On this day, students and staff are encouraged to keep a poem on hand. Then, they have to be ready to share if someone asks “Do you have a poem in your pocket?” It’s a great way to meet new friends and share some great poetry. You can write your own poem or share one of your favorites (just be sure to give the original poet credit if you’re borrowing one.)

Later that same evening, we’ll be hosting Poetrypalooza III, our famous open mic poetry night. Starting at 6:30 until we run out of poems, we’ll turn the Gold cafeteria into a poetry cafĂ©. Students from any grade are welcome to get up on stage and read their poem in front of a real audience! (Staff and parents are welcome to read too!) If you don’t dare to share, just come and listen to our budding poets and enjoy some refreshments supplied by our absolutely awesome PTA.

We had a great turn out for the Stonehedge Science Fair Research Night.  Many budding scientists and engineers came to get information about the Science Fair and to get a head start on research about their chosen topics.  It should be “a fair to remember" on May 10th at Open House.

The last quarter of the year has started and we're gearing up to finish strong!
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Mrs. Abbott 

Monday, December 12, 2016

Click Clack Woo! Kids That Type!

The Stonehedge library has been filled with the clickity-clack of Chromebook keyboards throughout the first half of December. Grades 3-5 have been trying out a free website called It is a keyboarding trainer that takes kids through all of the basic typing skill drills, (just like the typing lessons some of us took in high school.) Typists can track their accuracy and speed and move up levels to assess their progress. The response from our students has been positive, with many kids reporting that they have continued their training on their classroom computers and at home. Keyboarding skills are more important than ever to our students. They need to be “keyboard familiar” earlier than ever before, so we’re excited the introduction has gone so well. We’ll be spending more time on TypingClub with 3-5 and introducing it to 2nd grade when we come back from break in January. To take a peek, just go to

Meanwhile, the K-2 students have also been on the Chromebooks in the library. They have been using the touch screen aspect of the Chromebooks to explore one of our favorite databases, PebbleGo, in preparation for all of the research that will take place in February during Winter Wonderland. PebbleGo is a fabulous research resource for emergent readers. It has tons of facts on all types of subjects that are presented in an easy to read format. There are videos, sound clips, time lines and other features that make learning fun. It had been so much fun to watch even our littlest Wildcats exploring and reporting back facts about what they are learning. PebbleGo is accessible through the library website. We have sent access instructions home with all of our little researchers.

One More Thing
Maxwell Library is hosting a Book Talk and Signing with children’s author Marcie Colleen on Wednesday, December 21 from 6-7:30
She will be talking about her books
Super Happy Party Bears: GnawingAround
Super Happy Party Bears: Knock Knock on Wood

Copies of each will be available for purchase and signing by the author.
(Just in time for the holidays!)

Until next year!
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Happy Holidays!

Mrs. Abbott

Monday, October 24, 2016

Rock and Roll Literacy

Stonehedge students and staff rocked the red gym last Friday as Canadian author and literacy advocate Sigmund Brouwer came to town courtesy of the awesome Stonehedge PTA in order to celebrate PARP month.  Brouwer used a mix of humor and really great music to bring home the message that even if reading and writing are hard for students, developing a love of story first can make all the difference. Mr. Brouwer dubbed Mrs. Abbott, Mrs. Graser and Mrs. Eichhorn the “Story Divas” which was just fine with all of us. Our ultimate goal every day is to connect students with stories and nonfiction books that will inspire them to read and write more each day. Mr. Brouwer shared snippets of some of his books and by the time each assembly was over, we had a gym full of “Story Ninjas” ready to go out into the world and use the power of story to put pictures in people’s heads and feelings in their hearts.  Talk about ninja skills!

Before Mr. Brouwer left us, he promised the kids access to three free ebooks. You can find them at
You do need epub software on your device. This will be a great way to tide the students over until our Sigmund Brouwer book order comes in.

PARP month is almost at a close, but we still have one more Open Library Night. You can come to the library Tuesday the 25th from 6:30-7:30 "at night" to relax and read, share stories and check out books . Hope to see you there.

Until then,
Don’t forget to READ4FUN!

Mrs. Abbott (one of the Story Divas)